Do you watch TV? You’re not getting the whole picture.

Girls' Globe

Let’s picture this:

  • In family rated films, for every one speaking female character there are three male characters.
  • Females are over two times as likely as males to be shown in sexually revealing attire (24.8% vs. 9.4%), thin (38.5% vs. 15.7%), and partially or fully naked (24.2% vs. 11.5%).
  • There is virtually little or no difference in the sexualization of female characters between the ages of 13 and 39 years.

These harsh statistics are not a thought experiment, rather the realities of the current global entertainment industry. On Monday, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media hosted the 2nd Global Symposium on Gender in Media to discuss the underrepresentation of women in the industry. It was an honest, concise and transformative event that is sure to alter the way I consume media for the rest of my life.

IMG_9453Academy Award winning actress, producer, writer, model, and athlete, Geena…

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